Born in Madrid in 1964,  it is in 1984 when I started  in the camera department for national and international productions, working first as a clapper loader to move on  focus puller later on. In this stage I collaborated with different directors of photography both in films as in advertising.

In 1993 I joined a steadicam operator workshop in Italy with Nicola Pecorini and Garret Brown and from that moment until the end of the 90’s I worked as a camera operator and steadicam alternating with work as a director of photography in both advertising and documentaries (“ConfluencIas” Goya Best Short Documentary 1999  and “Positivo”,  nominated in the year 2000).

Since year 2000, my work has been focused as a director of photography in advertising doing more than 1000 commercials both in Spain and internationally, and shooting in countries like Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, France, Greece, Portugal, South Africa, Lebanon, Qatar, India, Japan, Turkey …

Directors with whom he has collaborated: Rómulo Aguillaume, David Alcalde, Pedro Amorim, Platon Andronidis, Miguel Bueno, Miguel Campaña, Rodrigo Cortés, Igor Fioravanti, Sebastian Garcia Valiño, Pilar García Elegido, Sebastian Grousset, Karen Hoffman, Martín Hodara,  Marek Losey, Toño Mayor, Tony Milanés, Joel Peissig, Julia Peña, Miguel Pérez-Urría, Julia de la Rosa, Sánchez Arévalo,  Michael Selley, David Victori, among many others.

Companies:  Coca-Cola, Burger King  VW, H&S, Fairy, Gillete, Ferrari, Nestcafe, Nestlé, Peugeout, Cadbury, Telmex, Once, Jumbo, Banco Santander, Sony Play Station, Toyota …

Music Videos: Rosendo, El canto del loco, La Mala Rodríguez, M-clan, Baute, Alejandro Sanz and Santana among others.

Member of the AEC.
Founder and partner in  ServiceAirFilms  and SteadiWork.
Teacher in several film schools. 

Awarded Videos

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