Undoubtedly, “El amor en su lugar de Rodrigo Cortés” was the big winner of the Gala held tonight at the Palacio de la Prensa in Madrid.

The film won six medals including Film, Original Screenplay, Director, Cinematography, Music and Editing.

It is followed by the rest of the award winners. The rest of the awards were very evenly distributed: two Medals for “El Buen Patrón” (Actor Javier Bardem and Leading Actress, Almudena Amor); another two for “Maixabel” (Actress, Blanca Portillo and Supporting Actor, Urko Olazabal); and two for “Las leyes de la frontera” (Leading Actor, Chechu Salgado and Adapted Screenplay, Jorge Guerrica-Echevarría and Daniel Monzón).

Source: cinececblog

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